Rebate By Check Can Save You Time And Money

Do you process rebates for customers regularly?

This can be a very time-consuming, labor-intensive task. GFC Financial can remove the hassle for your business by handling your rebate fulfillment with our rebate by check service. Rebate by check is the ideal solution for making your paper check payments to your payees using your existing business bank account. Our customers currently utilize rebate by check to pay the following:

  • Vendors
  • Payroll
  • Survey Participants
  • Customer Refunds
  • Customer Rebates

Rebate by Check Can Save You Time and Money

Processing payments in-house can be quite expensive! At minimum, most companies need checks, envelopes, postage, a printer, special toner, and someone to handle them. If you use our service, all you need to do is upload a file according to specifications and we’ll handle the rest. Many of our customers also have us insert their sales flyers or other information for distribution with their checks.

Our Rebate Fulfillment Service Reduces Errors

Rebate by check batch file check processing uses two files to accept, process, and report the status of rebate by check transactions. The first file format is for files containing new check transactions and records to be processed. The second file format contains records which have been rejected by GFC Financial’s check verification processes. We work diligently to ensure your checks are sent out with little or no errors in order to reduce your costs.

Rebate by Check is Easy to Implement

There is no requirement for you to buy, install, or maintain any additional hardware to utilize our rebate by check service. The minimum required is a computer, internet connection, and a secure web browser with SSL FTP capabilities.

How Does Rebate Fulfillment Work?

Our user-friendly service processes your plain text and excel files containing the details needed to produce your check payments. Your checks are then printed and mailed to your payees via First Class USPS the next business day. The checks are drawn on your checking account and can be customized with your business logo, authorized signature, and other information specific to each of your payees. Your sensitive information is only stored on our encrypted servers.

Let GFC Financial take care of the Rebate Fulfillment Process of your business with Rebates by Check.