Let us Help you Manage, Mitigate, and Minimize Your Payment Risk

GFC Financial Helps You Manage Payment Risk

Most business owners are familiar with the concept of risk. However, few are aware that they interact with payment risk on a daily basis. This is solely counterparty risk – the risk that the other party (your customers) might not complete their end of the agreement (paying for your goods and services).

GFC Financial developed a way in which we help manage, mitigate, and minimize your counterparty risk by verifying that:

  1. The routing number is correct.
  2. That account exists at the bank.
  3. That account is open and active.
  4. The account does not have a negative balance as of this morning.

If your customer’s checking account information passes these simple checks, we issue an immediate response. This process is completed in a matter of seconds. Our system helps you prevent checks returning before it happens, helping you save on fees.

Manage Additional Risk Factors

Our system is able to help you verify the age of your customer before you have to send them products which require age verification in person, helping you save on shipping costs.

In today’s fast paced business environment, our powerful risk management tools help keep you in front of your competition by finding suspicious activity faster than anyone in the industry.