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GFC Financial is one of the leading providers of check processing solutions for businesses

We offer top quality ACH services, remote deposit capture, and check 21 processing services. In just a short period of time, we have gained tremendous recognition in our area of expertise.

We Are Looking for High-Quality Resellers

Our success depends entirely on our ability to partner with professional individuals and businesses who are committed to innovation, quality and excellence. Our customers deserve only the best, and we have built long-term, key relationships with leading industry partners. We select each one of our partners with great care, focusing on standards of quality, reliability and resilience. We greatly value our partners and resellers and believe that our success is attributed to their drive and passion as well. Our carefully chosen partners contribute to our strength and profitability and have helped us connect to a global customer base.

You Can Feel Confident in Your Product By Partnering with GFC Financial

The backbone of our business is our efficient technology platform that helps merchants efficiently process millions of check payments. Our robust industry standard helps our customers minimize risks associated with check processing transactions. As technology continues to develop, the complexity of fraud becomes increasingly sophisticated. We constantly work with our key partners to develop fraud management tools to help our customers minimize the risks associated with ACH processing and online check acceptance.

We Offer Our Partners Reliable Support

We take great care to ensure that our partners have the tools to develop their merchant relationships without worrying about the risks associated with check acceptance. MLS (Merchant Level Salespeople), ISOs (Independent Sales Organizations), and ISAs (Independent Sales Agents) alike can benefit from the services we provide by enhancing their merchant relationships. The tools we provide help to augment the relationships you have worked hard to establish, helping to improve your overall profitability. If you have an unbeatable work ethic and a drive for success, it is time you partnered with the best in check acceptance. Contact us today to learn more about partnering with GFC Financial. Please complete the form at the right, and one of our relationships managers will be in touch with you within the next 48 hours.