Improve Your Cash Flow With Internet Check

Internet Checks are a convenient, fast and safe way to process online check payments

An internet check is very similar to an eCheck; it is a check payment submitted to you online which is then converted into a check image. Internet checks offer many of the same benefits that eChecks do.

Internet Checks Reduce Costs

The cost of processing an internet check is significantly lower than the cost of processing a credit card payment. If you offer and encourage this method of payment online, you will be able to keep a bigger portion of the sales price. This also helps you keep prices competitive to gain more sales.

Internet Checks Reduce Fraud

With our built in check verification system, our proprietary technology helps catch fraud in its tracks. Because the potential for fraud is reduced, you can accept internet checks safely and securely online. This also helps you reduce money spent on fraud recovery.

Internet Checks Improve Cash Flow

While paper checks and credit card transactions can take several days to appear in your bank account, an internet check secures your funds mush faster. Eliminate cash flow problems by accepting more payments through internet check.

Internet Checks Help the Environment

Just like eChecks, internet checks help you practice stewardship and sustainability. The transactions are processed completely online, so you are helping the environment by conserving fuel and paper.

Internet Checks Build Customer Loyalty

Customers appreciate flexibility in payment options. If they know that payment processing is simple and convenient, they will buy from you again. Offering internet checks also extends your product or service to those who may not have a credit card.

How Do Internet Checks Work?

When your customers prefer to pay online with their checking account information, our secure API converts your customer’s information into a form of eCheck. It is then processed using the secure Check21 platform. This in turn allows you to interact with your customers much more quickly, helping to create a positive experience. Your customers will then be more likely to shop at your online store again. With GFC Financial’s state of the art check processing technology behind you, you can stay focused on your customers.

Let GFC Financial take care of your Internet Check Processing so you can start accepting online check payments.