Increase Sales with eCheck Online Processing

Electronic Check Processing Through eCheck

eChecks are a convenient, fast and safe way to process online check payments. All your customer needs is a checking account. eCheck or electronic check is a payment alternative that your customers can make using their checking accounts. It is electronic version of a paper check, which can be used to make payments online.

Increase Sales with eCheck Online Processing

Many people do not carry credit cards or debit cards. When you accept electronic checks for online purchases, you expand the payment options available to your customers. This allows you to reach more people to gain sales and build loyalty.

Get Fast Access to Funds with Electronic Check Processing

Stop waiting for credit card funds to be released from your merchant account. Encourage eCheck payments to get your money faster. You can receive payments within one or two days.

Reduce Fraud by Processing eCheck Payments

eCheck processing is made by using an automated system, helping to reduce or even eliminate the possibilities of errors and fraud. GCF Financial offers the safest and most effective way to maintain, monitor and check files against large national negative database, which helps you reduce fraud significantly, using our check verification system.

Reduce Expenses by Accepting Electronic Check Payments

The cost of eCheck processing is much lower than the cost of paper check processing and credit card transactions. eChecks eliminate transaction fees and other expenses associated with paper checks. You can save up to 60% of processing fees by using eChecks.

How Does eCheck Processing Work?

Paying by eChecks online is very simple. Once you have been approved for an eCheck processing account by GFC Financial, you can accept checks from your customers for products or services on your website. All you need to obtain are their name, address, order information, and their checking account information (routing number and account number). They need to complete your secure online form with the information which is available on their paper checks which is then transferred to our proprietary system by a highly secure API. You can even ask them to provide a digital signature.

eChecks are good for the environment too. They help reduce more than 67 million gallons of fuel and around 3 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions that are created by paper checks.

Let GFC Financial take care of your Electronic Check Processing so you can start accepting online check payments today.