Use Check By Fax to turn check payments into fast and secure transactions

GFC Financial allows you to accept check by fax.

Our check processing technology has been used by phone and utility companies for years, and it is becoming more popular with other businesses. Our check by fax service turns checks that you receive by fax into a cost-effective, safe and fast electronic transaction. You will see the transaction deposited to your account in as little as 24 hours.

Check by Fax Offers Convenient Processing

Accepting checks by fax eliminates the hassles of waiting for a long time to receive a check payment by mail. If your customer needs to send a check in a hurry, they can send it to you via fax. No longer will they need to overnight a check to you. If your company depends on collecting a large amount of payments by check, you should consider using our check by fax services.

Check by Fax Will Reduce Your Costs

Our check by fax electronic payment processing is cheaper than Check 21 processing and credit card processing. GFC Financial offers the check by fax service for a very low price, check by fax reduces or eliminates many of the processing fees associated with credit card payments.

Check by Fax Offers Secure Transactions

Accepting checks by fax is safer than accepting paper checks. Paper checks can be intercepted in the mail or lost in transit from your customer to you. By having your customer fax you a check, this risk is eliminated.

Let GFC Financial take care of your Check Payment Processing by accepting Check by Fax payment today.