Improve Cash Flow With ACH Payment Processing

Eliminate the hassle of paper checks with this fast and convenient way to process electronic payments.

ACH Processing will put money in your bank account faster. Banks and financial institutions take several days or weeks toACH release funds from debit and credit card transactions. When you use ACH for payments, the funds are released within one or two days. This means better cash flow easier management of your business finances.

Reduce Late Payments and Defaults by Using ACH

When you offer automatic ACH processing for regular payments, you are more likely to receive the payments on time. It is convenient for your customer and more reliable for your bottom line. Even one-time payments are more likely to be paid on time if your customer doesn’t have to write out and mail a physical check.

Make Your Own Payments with the Convenience of ACH

Do you hate to write checks? You can make payments by ACH, too! Pay your vendors, affiliates, and employees quickly and easily with ACH payments. Employees will appreciate the direct payments and fast access to their funds.

How Does ACH Payment Processing Work?

ACH is a very reliable and effective electronic fund transfer system that connects all financial institutions in the USA. It is supervised by the operating rules of NACHA i.e. National Automated Clearing House Association.

Once you receive payments from your customers, ACH transfers go through an ODFI and the transactions are usually processed in batches. All information about the transactions is collected by the receiving bank. The transactions are batched and processed as a single transaction at the end of the day and funds are made available.

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