Serve More Customers by Accepting Checks by Phone

Accept checks by phone with GFC Financial

We make the check by phone process fast, simple, and secure. All your customer needs is a checking account, and you can take the information needed to process the payment verbally over the phone.

Serve More Customers by Accepting Checks by Phone

Reach more customers by offering an alternative to credit cards. If you don’t accept checks by phone, you are alienating potential buyers who don’t have credit cards. Offer more payment options, and you will reach a broader customer base.

Get Your Money Faster with Check by Phone

Check by phone can put cash in your bank account faster than your credit card merchant account or a paper check. Most transactions will clear within 24 hours. Faster access to your payments can increase your cash flow and simplify your business management process.

Reduce Costs by Accepting Check by Phone

When you accept a check by phone, you receive verbal authorization from the customer for the transaction. This helps reduce costs incurred by chargebacks. Check by phone payments are also significantly lower than credit card processing fees.

Receive Prompt Payments When You Accept Checks by Phone

If you operate a medical office, a law firm, or a collection agency, you understand the difficulties involved in billing and waiting for paper checks that are “in the mail.” With check by phone, you can collect payment from customers immediately while you are talking to them.

How Does Check by Phone Work?

The process is simple, and you can accept a check on both inbound and outbound calls. When you talk to the customer by phone, you ask for some specific information about the check. This normally includes the name and address on the check, the payment amount, the routing number for the bank, and the customer’s checking account number. You don’t even have to record the call, as long as you take detailed notes about the transaction. We process the payment, and you receive the money in your bank account.

Let GFC Financial take care of your Check Payment Processing so you can start accepting Check by Phone payments today.