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GFC Financial makes use of cutting-edge payment technology to offer you the widest range of payment processing services.

Service Designed for You

GFC Financial can help you accept payments that are more convenient for your customers and less time-consuming for you. We can process check payments by phone, fax, or internet so that you will receive your money faster.

Reduce Costs

You can accept check payments at a much lower cost than credit card payments. GFC Financial offers electronic payment processing through ACH or Check 21.

Collect Recurring Payments

If you collect fees regularly from customers, our recurring billing service can make this process hassle-free. Let us set up an easy system for your customers so that they can pay you each month automatically.

Issue Paper Check Payments

We can help you issue rebate checks and payments to others such as vendors and affiliates. We take care of the work so that your obligations are fulfilled on time.

Protect You With Check Verification

We can stop bad check payments before they happen so that you don’t lose money on transactions that are fraudulent for have insufficient funds.

We Provide Credit Card Processing!

GFC Financial can act as your single provider of payment processing services. We can open a merchant account and get your business set up to start accepting credit cards.

Improve Cash Flow With ACH Processing

Eliminate the hassle of paper checks with this fast and convenient way to process electronic payments.

ACH Processing will put money in your bank account faster. Banks and financial institutions take several days or weeks to release funds from debit and credit card transactions. When you use ACH for payments, the funds are released within one or two days. This means better cash flow easier management of your business finances.

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check21 payment processing

Accept More Payment Methods through Check 21

Save time and reduce late payments with the convenience of check 21 processing. Check 21 offers many of the advantages of processing checks electronically through ACH.

With ACH processing, consumer checks are the only eligible transactions. Check21 can process business checks, personal checks, cashier checks, and money orders can be processed. If you can accept more payments, you can accept more customers, which can increase sales.

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Check by Fax Offers Convenient Processing

GFC Financial allows you to accept check by fax. Our check processing technology has been used by phone and utility companies for years, and it is becoming more popular with other businesses. Our check by fax service turns checks that you receive by fax into a cost-effective, safe and fast electronic transaction. You will see the transaction deposited to your account in as little as 24 hours.
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accept checks by phone

Serve More Customers by Accepting Checks by Phone

Accept checks by phone with GFC Financial. We make the check by phone process fast, simple, and secure. All your customer needs is a checking account, and you can take the information needed to process the payment verbally over the phone.

Reach more customers by offering an alternative to credit cards. If you don’t accept checks by phone, you are alienating potential buyers who don’t have credit cards. Offer more payment options, and you will reach a broader customer base.

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Increase Sales with eCheck Online Processing

eChecks are a convenient, fast and safe way to process online check payments. All your customer needs is a checking account. eCheck or electronic check is a payment alternative that your customers can make using their checking accounts. It is electronic version of a paper check, which can be used to make payments online.
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credit card merchant account processing

Increase Your Credibility by Accepting Credit Card Payments

Do you need a credit card processing service? There is no need to work with two different payment processors. GFC Financial can help you with both check and processing AND credit card processing. We offer single and recurring transaction capabilities for both credit cards and debit cards. If you have a POS system, an online store, or a business that takes orders over the phone, we can help you get the lowest-cost merchant account for your business.
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The Last Payment Solution You’ll Ever Need

Flexible enterprise-class solutions that adapt to fit growing businesses of any size.

Reach new customers who don’t use credit cards.

Offering multiple payment options builds customer confidence. Check payments give more people the ability to pay.

Reduce processing costs so you can keep more profit.

Check payment processing is significantly less expensive than credit card processing.

Give customers more flexibility.

We can help you with recurring billing for seamless and effortless collection of regular payments.

Protect you and lower your fraud risk.

We provide advanced and robust risk management services.